Friday, October 4, 2013

Best Friends Forever

On November 7, 1997, I went to a skate party with this cool girl from my class, named Emily. Up until that point, she was the cool girl and I was the weird new girl. I never thought we'd be friends, but my mom offered to drive me and I invited Emily. Fast forward a few years, and here we are. We'll be celebrating 16 years of friendship next month. For me, that's an accomplishment. I think that most people might not think about friendships as being relationships, but they are!

Especially when you're a girl. Things haven't always been easy for Emily and I. There were times when we hated each other, times when we didn't talk and times when you couldn't separate us with a crowbar! Most marriages don't last as long as we've lasted. We've fought over boys, cried over the same boys and made dozens of cookies while we cried over other boys. When boys broke her heart, I was there. When my Grandpa died, she was beside me as fast as she could be. When her daughter was born, I was waiting down the street to meet her. When she fights with her ex or loses her toenail at 2 am, I'm the one she calls. When my siblings or family hurt my feelings, she curses them right alongside me and then forgives them as fast as I do. When her mom yells at her, the same goes. Our families belong to both of us now. Her sisters daughter is my niece and when my siblings have kids, they'll belong to Emily too. We piss each other off, we make each other laugh. She knows all my embarrassing moments, and I know hers. Our blackmail list is miles long, if we wanted to use it. She knows my secrets, I know hers. We are so lucky to have each other!

The other cool thing is, without even realizing it, we get to have that cool friendship that some people envy. In a few short years, I'll be one of those people who can say "My best friend for 20 years!" I may not have married my high school sweetheart (truth be told, I didn't have a high school sweetheart) but I can say, I'm still friends with my grade school best friend. We made it through the fire. We lasted when nobody else thought we would. I guess Emily is my high school sweetheart, for all intents and purposes. I wouldn't trade her for anyone. She's my best friend.

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