Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Things First

It would happen, that on my first day of NaBloPoMo, I had the flu. It was the worst flu I've had in years. So, that being said, I'm going to have to do two posts today, in an attempt to make up for lost time. The theme of this month is FALL and lets face it, living in Arizona, I don't know much about autumn at all.
I have experienced the leaves changing though. We went to California for fall break a few years ago. The leaves were spectacular. Unfortunately, I haven't experienced them since and to be a honest, when I say a few years ago, it was really like 12 years ago.

My favorite thing about fall is obviously, my birthday!! On October 5, I will be 27 years old. I never thought I'd get to the point of being able to say that.

Aww. Doesn't that just make the proverbial ovaries ache? The nice thing about my birthday is that the weather is perfect right now!

Well...I also love October because of my Grandpa's birthday too. October 8.
I was his favorite birthday present. 
He passed away in 2009 and I miss him so much. We celebrated 22 birthdays together. It was so devastating to me when October 8 came around, that when I met this guy....

And he asked me to marry him, we decided to get married on October 8. In honor of my Grandpa. 

So, there are 3 things I love about Fall and October. Not to mention, the changing weather, Oktoberfest (beer!) and Halloween. I'd have to say Fall is my favorite time of year. I guess this theme wont be so hard afterall!

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