Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Musings

Halloween is coming up. I've noticed, as I get older, holidays come up so faster than they did when I was little. It took years for Halloween to come around, now days, it takes seconds. If you need a minute to do the math, I'll give you a few.

I don't really dress up anymore. I love Halloween so much, but I hate trying to find a costume. I'm a big girl and every year the costumes seem to do I say this tactfully? Sluttier.

My husband and I are dealing with infertility, so there are no little monsters lurking in our future. Halloween isn't as fun without kids around. My best friend has a little girl, my beautiful, smart, talented, stylish and witty niece, Riley. But she's in Kindergarten now and Halloween is a school night. I live 60 miles away. It puts a damper on my seeing her in her costume.

She has decided, she wants to be Doc McStuffins. When her mommy told me that, my reaction as a childless woman was...who the heck is that?!

Doc McStuffins is the little girl.

She'll be staying with me during fall break, so I'll try to get to know this character a little better. When Halloween comes around, her mommy will text me a picture and I'll show her off while I pass candy out to all the little monsters that show up at my dad's house (I live in a rural area, so children don't come to my house). Maybe next year, we'll have our own to show off. 

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